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EXTREMELY INTERESTING article regarding succesful project delivery in US from management, procurement, cost management, scheduling etc. standpoints.

“The industry’s overall record shows that fewer than 30% of projects meet or beat their schedule and budget goals. At Sutter, our track record is nearly 100%. We achieved this by shifting from selecting solely based on price to selecting based on the quality of the teams, their experience and their ability to trust and collaborate. We work with these teams to achieve the right balance of scope, schedule and cost that meets our needs as an owner. This way, we gain a deeper understanding of the projects before seeking funding. Our projects are at or below normal market costs and yet they open as scheduled, on time or even ahead of schedule. This record has remained unchanged through the pandemic and the catastrophic impact it had on worker capacity and supply chains. We incur no financial premium, and in return, we receive rock solid quality with no delays.”

P.S. Our take on project delivery is a cost management from tech standpoint, and how important it is to have a clear view on targets, clear process, kpi´s and people´s capabilities, and how tech can ease your pains and make them gains!

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